“Metaphore” conducting course

It is a course structured over 4 years. It is based on the “Metafoor” method, the book written by the teacher Alex Schillings and already in use at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (the Nederlands) and the BDB-Musikakademie in Staufen (Germany) with excellent high-quality results.

The “Metaphore” method includes:

  • Practical and theoretical lessons
  • Score study and analysis
  • Wind band music history and repertoire
  • Wind Band/group management

Harmony, wind band instrumentation and form analysis lessons are included in the didactic program of the course and will be held by the instrumentation/composition teacher.

The ear-training, harmony, wind band instrumentation and analysis teacher for the “Metaphore” course is the Italian conductor and composer M°Giuliano Moser.

Each year is organized over 6 intensive weekends of lessons. An entry exam (without markings) is obligatory for admission to the four-year course, every student must start from the 1st year.

The educational programme for each student will be based on the level demonstrated during the entry exam and will be developed over the four years. At the end of the 2nd year the students must take an intermediate practical and theoretical exam. At the end of the 4th year the students must take a final practical and theoretical exam.

The handbook used for the lessons will be “Metaphore”, currently available in Dutch and German, shortly available also in English (ed.De Haske). It is possible to personalize the course contents, please contact us for further info. The course includes practical conducting lessons during each weekend with wind bands, ensembles and/or piano, according to the listed repertoire and availability.

The courses will be run in English and translation will be provided when necessary.