ISEB, Istituto Superiore Europeo Bandistico, stands as an integral part of what is a rapidly growing and developing sector. By means of specialised academic training courses, ISEB aims to offer both encouragement and professional openings to numerous young musicians.

ISEB intends to introduce its proposal according to the free circulation of arts and professions clause, laid down in the Maastricht Treaty; recognising the European community rules concerning the musical sector and with special regard to reciprocal arrangements.


As regards the contents:

1) ISEB is a regular school for high-level specialisation in band music aimed at contributing to the growth of this kind of music which above all is in need of innovation and creativity.
2) The teaching staff is composed of professional teachers of international renown and experience, from different European countries.
3) Academic programmes, subject areas and academic training courses using the latest methodologies, corresponding to those acceptable under EEC law.

ISEB represents a centre of co-ordination and development whose clearly defined features point towards a global progression, wherein the different cultural components can co-exist and within which young European musicians are both representatives and benefactors. ISEB neither intends to offer alternatives to, nor to substitute o supplant existing musical institutions.

Instead, it intends to channel the expectations of young musicians into a unique course of specialisation by offering them appropriate further education with great freedom of choice; nonetheless respecting the institutions that already exist and operate in the country at different levels.