"Traditional" conducting course

Structured over 5 years (Three-years + Two-years)

held by M°Miguel Etchegoncelay

It is a course structured over 5 years (Three-years + Two-years).

The principal subjects held by different teachers are:

  • Conducting
  • Instrumentation
  • History and Repertoire (M°Andrea Loss)
  • Harmony

Each year is organized in 6 full-immersion weekends of lessons.There is an entry test to verify the level of the applicants and assign them to the right class/learning year on the basis of the capabilities expressed during the exam and related to each subject.

The course is subdivided in Three-year course (1st - 2nd - 3rd year) and Two-year course (4th - 5th year).

At the end of the 3rd and 5th year each student will hold a theory and practical final exam.

Admission to the Two-year course is allowed only when at least 8/10 has been obtained after the Three-year course final exam.

It is possible to personalize the course contents, please contact us for further info.

Dates M° Etchegoncelay

  • 1st weekend 1st - 2nd October 2022
  • 2nd weekend 28th - 29th January 2023
  • 3rd weekend 18th - 19st March 2023
  • 4th weekend 29th - 30th April 2023
  • 5th weekend 17th - 18th June 2023

All our conducting courses include practical conducting lessons during each weekend with wind bands, ensembles and/or piano, according to the listed repertoire and availability. (*)
Language of the course: translation will be provided when necessary.
Istituto Superiore Europeo Bandistico collaborates with the Rovereto Wind Orchestra and various wind bands from local and surrounding areas in order to offer our students the best learning conditions.
(*) in case of emergency lockdown due to Covid-19 the practical lessons will be reduced and carried out with small chamber ensembles.
Fees for the “Traditional” conducting course:
- Annual enrollment fee and obligatory insurance for ALL students —> €100
- Annual course fee —> €1100 (€100 enrollment fee not included)
• first installment of €550 upon enrollment • second installment of €550 to be paid before 31st January 2022
Students who pay the full fee on enrollment to be completed before 30th September 2021 are entitled to a discount —> €1050 (€100 enrollment fee not included) 10% discount on the full annual course fee is reserved to current members of ANDB, DIBA, PentaMusa.
Each student can apply for one course only, “Metaphore” or “Traditional”, but can take part in one or more weekends from the other course at an extra cost.
The fee for a single extra weekend is €150 for the ISEB students (€200 for non-ISEB students).

Application deadline WEDNESDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2021.

For any request of further information regarding any of our course, we invite you to write to the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our staff will be happy to help you discover which course responds to your expectations and give you practical info regarding the courses and new building.

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